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Coaching Tips: Vol 1 - Peggy Grall

Coaching Tips: Volume 1

Calling all coaches! Want to take your coaching to the next level? Spend a few minutes with Peggy reviewing key coaching fundamentals.

Pop this cd in your car stereo - drive and learn! Or purchase individual tracks and listen to it on your iPod!

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Purchase Individual Tracks from This CD:

  1. Building Trust
  2. Growing People
  3. Asking & Telling
  4. Coaching Conversation Model
  5. When to Manage / When to Coach
  6. Listening for Context
  7. Powerful Questions
  8. 'Columbo' Technique
  9. Get Coaching!


Leading Change & Learning To Love It! - Peggy Grall

Leading Change & Learning to Love It!

Every year the majority of organizational change-efforts fail. Research into the science of change has discovered that it’s often a leader’s inability to identify and respond to the ‘people issues’ during a transition that sabotages change efforts.

In this highly interactive workshop Peggy takes a light look at the serious business of leading change.

Topics Discussed:

  • Understanding the key concepts related to how organizations and individuals can effectively receive, integrate and process change
  • Maintaining your own sense of integrity and stability during uncertainty
  • Identifying and capitalizing on your Change Style and the styles of those you lead
  • Understanding the roots of resistance and how to respond to push-back

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             Now What Do I Say?: Making Friends With the Media - Peggy Grall

Now What Do I Say?:
Making Friends With The Media


What do you do when crisis hits, employees and stakeholders get nervous and the media begins to circle?

The only way to survive an intense event is to prepare for it, and communicating effectively during a crisis is the true test of an organization's clarity of mission. Organizational leaders can be a point of stability and hope to their staff and clientele, and the community at large, if they can create and deliver transparent, timely and topical communications.

During this presentation Peggy explores the Content, Clarity and Commitment of great crisis communication plans.

You will learn how to:

  • Know what people hear and don’t hear during a crisis
  • Speak so staff, clients, the board and the media will listen
  • Create and capitalize on ‘War Room’ techniques

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         Who Are These People & Why Are They Driving Me Crazy? Resolving Conflict in the Workplace - Peggy Grall

Who Are These People & Why Are They Driving Me Crazy?:
Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

Unresolved conflict costs the workplace time, resources and reputations. When leaders are faced with helping employees settle sticky issues it requires skill, determination and a host of time-tested techniques.

During this presentation to a group of human resource professionals Peggy talks about assertively engaging each other to artfully resolve conflict and transform disputes into opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Key Concepts Covered:

  • Debunking the Myths & Misconceptions at the root of all conflict
  • The 4 key questions that will determine problem ownership – and keep you free of other people’s problems
  • The 3 approaches available during a dispute and choosing one’s response
  • The individual skills necessary to help yourself and others resolve issues in a timely and professional manner

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