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Peggy Grall

Crisis Leadership & Communication - Workshops & Keynotes

Now What Do We Say?

What do you do when an organizational crisis hits, employees and stakeholders get nervous and the media begins to circle? The only way to survive an intense event is to prepare for it, and communicating effectively during a crisis is the true test of an organization’s clarity and relevance in the marketplace.

Organization leaders and front-line managers can be a point of stability and hope to their staff, clientele and the community at large, if they can create and deliver transparent, timely and topical communications.  This session explores the Content, Clarity and Commitment of great crisis communication plans.

In this fast-paced, interactive session the audience will learn:

  • What people hear and don’t hear during a crisis
  • How to speak so staff, customers and the media will listen
  • How to create and capitalize on ‘War Room’ techniques


Now What Do We Do?

Crisis happens! When terrorist threats, environmental disasters or pandemics slam an organization, employees get nervous and the leadership often beats a retreat to the safety of their offices. And, when the adversary is a loss of integrity among the leadership, corporate mal-practice or customer abandonment, the whole organization rumbles.

What’s a leader to do when calamity and crisis loom? The first order of crisis preparedness is proactive preparation. Building resilience and a capacity to stay focused on business continuity and remaining steady in the boardroom are the first order of the leadership team.

In this presentation Peggy reveals the psychological, social and practical keys to ‘crisis-proofing’ your workforce. She will share the personal and professional steps leaders need to take to ensure they are ready for whatever comes.


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