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Assessment Tools:

Would you like to:
  • Save resources and time by hiring the best person for the job – the first time?
  • Make informed choices when creating high performance change-ready teams?
  • Punch up your Succession Planning strategies for key positions?
  • Leverage individual style preferences to minimize conflict and maximize work potential?

To achieve these results and more, Peggy offers a variety of well-validated behavioural assessment tools (DISC, Change Style Index, PCSI, Leadership 360 Assessment) designed to assist individuals and teams with a particular issue or challenge. Check out the Assessment Tools page for more information.

Article Series:
Peggy has written several articles on a variety of interesting subjects. Many of which have been used in her seminars and presentations and have been sought after by attendees. Peggy has chosen some of her favourites to share with you here.

Change Bytes Newsletter Archives:
Looking for tips and ideas on managing or leading change? Check out the latest editions of Peggy’s monthly complementary ezine Change Bytes.

You can also check out Peggy's Blog to see what she's up to.

In The Media:
As an expert on the subject of change leadership, Peggy has been quoted in many printed and online publications, check out Peggy’s latest contributions on the In the Media page.

For The Media:
Let Peggy serve as an expert resource for your next article, news release or story. Check out the For the Media page to get more information on the topics related to Peggy’s work.

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