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Leadership By Engagement 360º Assessment

The Leadership by Engagement Assessment allows for candid, constructive feedback to help leaders decrease conflict, improve communication and collaboration skills.

The 360 Assessment will measure a person's ability to:

  1. Create systems that collaboratively support alignment with organizational/departmental purpose, values, goals and objectives
  2. Clarify their intent in any situation and the contribution expectations with every person on their team
  3. View their character through the perspective of others
  4. Ensure their people have the training, tools and resources to do their jobs
  5. Identify the connection between feelings, thoughts and actions in order to predict situations that are stressful for them and manage themselves in any circumstance
  6. Establish workplace boundaries in order to maintain personal safety and be treated with dignity
  7. Be assertive in their interactions with others, identify and resist manipulation
  8. Take full responsibility for their decisions, circumstances and actions
  9. Build on strengths; providing clear feedback on what they value in people, their contributions and confront issues with a problem solving approach
  10. Demonstrate caring and compassion towards others and respond correctly when people are being poorly treated
  11. Recognize the symptoms, identify the causes and develop strategies for dealing with conflict and move forward once the situation has been confronted

The assessment process is completed "on line” and participants review their results in an individualized coaching session.


“Our management staff recently completed the 360° Assessment. The process was handled in a very constructive and supportive manner. I believe that the end result for our organization is, and will continue to be, very powerful.”
Larry Palmer
Executive Director, Community Living Newmarket/Aurora

To learn how a 360 Assessment can help you or your team increase ownership and improve performance, call Peggy today.

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