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Change Style Index™

How can individuals align themselves with a company’s change initiatives
and leave the safe harbors of the status quo behind – again and again?


Understanding your Personal Change Style can help you decide what you need to be successful during a time of transition. Change Style Index Workbook

Knowing how you approach change, where your natural personality traits are best fitted into the change process and what kinds of information, encouragement and direction you need to maximize your efforts, can position you and your staff for victory in your company’s transition.

This self-assessment tool is designed to assist you in quickly determining your natural change style, and takes just minutes to complete. Once you’ve selected the descriptors that best represent your preferences, you can locate which type of changer you are.

The four Change Styles are:

Alpha: Alpha Changers like to lead the pack. They are big picture thinkers and prefer to be at the beginning of a project. They are goal oriented risk takers who love a challenge. Alpha Changers like to be in control and are often seen by others as leaders.

Persuader: Persuasive changers love center stage! They are animated, energetic and like to find the fun in every situation. They are strong communicators and can use their considerable talent to persuade just about anyone who will listen. They are curious, impulsive and can sometimes lack the stamina to see a project or plan through to the end.

Supporter: Everyone loves the Supportive changer. They are the team’s champion, always concerned with how the change will affect the people. They are patient and thorough, which makes them valuable resources for content and expertise. They have a way with people and are generally trusted and sought out as advisors and mentors.

Intentional: Intentional changers like to plan for change and take a systematic approach to achieving a goal. They are methodical and like lots of information. They are often uncomfortable leading a change effort, but are extremely adept in the assessment and evaluation phases of a change effort. Their strong sense of loyalty, attention to detail and quality, will shine through when required to stay the course to achieve the desired results.
As you learn about how you prefer to approach fluid environments, you will be better able to: ask for what you want, cooperate with others and add value to the overall success of a new job, project, culture change or company wide initiative.

The Change Style Index is a tool suitable for individuals and teams that are embarking on a high stakes organizational change, where resistance is rampant and success mandatory.

To explore how the Change Style Index can help make your next change initiative a success, call Peggy today

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