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DISC Personal Profile Analysis

The DISC Personal Profile Analysis is a world-class assessment tool based on the work of Dr. William Moulton Marston and is used by fortune 500 companies all over the world to determine; job fit, work style, team cohesiveness and succession planning with key talent.
The DISC Personal Profile Analysis measures four factors:

  • Dominance: driving for results, making decisions, challenging self and others
  • Influence: motivating people, generating enthusiasm, cultivating relationships
  • Steadiness: developing specialist skills, thorough, consistent & persistent
  • Compliance: concentrating on detail, monitoring quality and assessing risk

Participating in an individual DISC Personal Profile Assessment, is a personal journey of self discovery. The journey begins with taking the assessment and participating in a confidential, one-to-one debrief meeting with a PGA coach. The purpose of the debrief meeting is to:

  • Look for personal Strengths & Challenges in work preference, leadership style and role on a team
  • Craft a personalized Development Plan based on individual and organizational Goals & Objectives.

This on-line, user-friendly tool is suitable for individuals and teams looking to leverage their talent and reduce workplace conflict and mis-communications.

The ‘DISCovery Team Workshop’

After all team members have completed their meetings with their coaches they’re ready to look at the team as a whole. The best venue for this type of enquiry is a team off-site. The purpose of the team workshop is to:

  • Share individual DISC profiles and team Role Factors
  • Better understand Team function
  • Assist the team to understand any limiting team systems or interactions
  • Provide feedback to develop cohesiveness
  • Encourage team members to partner together
  • Align the team with the business strategy

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